Friday 11th September 2015 - Married for 1767 days

Ceremony & Reception


Casa de los Bates

Friday 11th September 2015


Casa de los Bates is approximately 20 minutes away from Almunecar. We will be arranging coaches to transport everyone there and back.

Music and dancing will finish between 1-2am and this is when the coaches will be returning to Almunecar. Taxis can be arranged as required if you want to leave earlier than this and should cost no more than 40Euro. The same applies if you wish to stay later! We have exclusive use of the venue and can continue to party as late as we want!

Coaches will be picking up and dropping back to the Almunecar Playa Spa Hotel. We are confirming times in the next few days - but currently suggested guest's are ready and at the hotel by 4pm.