Friday 11th September 2015 - Married for 1767 days

Where To Stay


Our base for the week leading up to the wedding and during the celebrations will be in the coastal resort of Almunecar. We are arriving on Sunday 6th September until Sunday 13th September.

For more information about Almunecar you can visit::


We are staying in the Almunecar Playa Spa Hotel - Please feel free to join us here!

When we visited Almunecar in February, we also looked at the following hotels and can recommend them -

Hotel Casablanca

Hotel Helios

For these hotels (and numerous others in the area) seems to be the best website to find the lowest rates.

Other Accommodation also offers a wide range of different accommodation options from local hosts to suit every budget.

There are also self catering apartments, villas, B&Bs and camping available. Just google "almunecar accommodation".

If you need any help finding or booking your accommodation, please drop us an email, use the "contact us" section to the left, or ring/text us.